Fireworks in Marengo

Fireworks in the City of Marengo

Are fireworks legal in Marengo? 

Yes. The Marengo City Council held final public hearing and passed final reading of a fireworks ordinance on April 11, 2018. Two previous public hearings were held on March 14, 2018 and March 28, 2018. Few comments were received during the three public comment periods. This ordinance allowed the use of fireworks during certain periods. No restrictions are placed on novelty fireworks like snakes, snaps, smoke bombs, etc. 

When can I shoot fireworks off in Marengo?

Day Beginning Time Ending Time
3rd of July 9:00 a.m. 10:00 p.m. 
4th of July 9:00 a.m. 10:00 p.m.
All other days of the year Not Allowed Not Allowed

Is there a fine for illegally shooting fireworks? 

Yes. In conjunction with the fireworks ordinance update, a scheduled fine was added to the code.The State Code makes violations a simple misdemeanor with a minimum fine of $250.00. Marengo Code mirrors State Code and scales up the fine for subsequent offenses. 

     First Offense           $250.00     
  Second Offense           $375.00  
  Each Subsequent Offense           $500.00                                

Fireworks are being shot off in my neighborhood when they shouldn't. What should I do? 

Call the Iowa County Sheriff's Office so a Marengo Police Officer may be dispatched. Be sure to provide good details regarding location of where the fireworks are likely coming from. Identifying characteristics like block number and street will help the officer locate the source. "The 100 block of East Main" is better than "somewhere a couple blocks east of the pool".