Utility Service Info

City of Marengo Utility Services

The City of Marengo provides water and sewer utility services within the city. 

To sign up for water and sewer services, you must fill out two forms. To set up your account and get water turned on to your residence, fill out the water application form.

The current deposit charges are: $75 for homeowners and $100 for renters. This deposit is used to cover delinquent bills. Residents have their deposit returned upon leaving Marengo if there are no delinquent months. If you purchase a new home across town and sell your current home, your deposit is transfered over to the new home.

To make paying your water and sewer bill convenient, you can also fill out our autopay or ACH formAll forms can then be turned in at City Hall at 153 E. Main St. 

One common question we receive at City Hall is if we can explain what the charges are on the water bill. To see a break down of charges on the water bill, click here

The City of Marengo is an equal opportunity provider and employer.