Proposed Code Changes

The Marengo City Council has set public hearing for proposed changes to the Code of Ordinances of the City of Marengo. 

To change a City Ordinance (Code), the Council must set a date and time for a public hearing. Notice must be published in the local newspaper. A public hearing for the first reading of the proposed change is then held. This public hearing includes any council discussion and opportunity for public to provide feedback on the changes and is normally done at a regular city council meeting.

Changes to code are required to go through three readings unless Council votes to suspend the regular rules, at which time second and third readings may be waived. This has not historically been done by the City Council to provide citizens with plenty of opportunity to voice their opinion. 

To make proposed changes to the ordinances a little easier to understand, the following standard formatting rules have been adopted:

Items appearing in blue are newly added words or sections  Additions to the ordinance
Items crossed out and appearing in red are words or sections deing deleted from ordinance Deletions from the ordinance